Thursday, July 8th

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  1. Be sure to start ordering your books and supplies. The supply list was just released last night. 
    • We start school in about a month and a half– some of the books take longer to ship than others so don’t wait until the last minute! 
    • You can find your child’s book list and supply list in the Google Classroom
  2. Don’t forget to let Minda know if you want to select an add-on by tomorrow (Friday, July 9th).
  3. Want to attend our Immersion Workshop on July 23rd? Register or find out more here!
    • I am looking for a few parents to help with the workshop. Email Minda if you’re interested in helping.
  4. Want to register for the Alveary? Let Minda know and she’ll get you the discount code.

  1. All families: Coming soon! I am working on invoices for each family. You will receive two separate invoices:
    • Tuition invoice (not due until August 1st, but you can pay it early if you wish).
    • Other invoice- this will include any fees such as booklet fees (as listed in the booklists), supply fees (such as the sewing kit fee), and the supply fee for an add-on class if you have made that selection. Please pay these as soon as you can so that we can go ahead and start ordering those supplies and making the booklets.
  2. Form 2b (4th and 5th Grades): There is a change for your citizenship book. This class will no longer be doing Plutarch. The teachers and I decided it would be in these students’ best interest to wait until they are a bit older. Plutarch is a challenging subject. 
    • Instead, they will be using: Stories from the History of Rome ISBN/ASIN 978-1599152646.
    • Already purchased Plutarch? Here are some options:
      • Return to Amazon (or wherever you purchased it from)
      • Post on our Cimarron family Facebook page and sell to a student in Form 2a/3 (6th-8th Grade).
      • Sell to Minda. 🙂
      • Save for later.
  3. All classes: I gave another cheaper option for a nature study bag on the supply list. The supply lists have been updated to reflect that addition.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

  • The supply list just went out and it may be overwhelming! Believe me, I feel the same way! Please know that A LOT of the items on your child’s supply list will be used for years to come! The first year is always the most difficult!
  • Joined Alveary and overwhelmed at where to start? Let Minda know and we will schedule another help session.
  • Any other feelings? Talk to Minda or your child’s teacher. We are here to help! Speaking of teachers…

Take a minute to learn about our teachers! Click here to see their picture, read their bio, and grab their email address.

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