Thursday, September 16th

We need some parent volunteers to watch our classes while the staff has a lunch time staff meeting from 12:00-1:00 pm on October 5th. It’s an easy gig! Bring a sack lunch and enjoy visiting with the  students during lunch/recess (while also making sure they’re safe). 

Sign up here!

Please share with your friends!!

A lovely parent suggested a snack sign-up for each class. I love it! Feel free to sign up to bring a snack for your child’s class this semester. No family is required to provide a snack. If there is no one signed up on a given day, Cimarron will provide a snack that day.

T-shirts are coming…some day…I hope! We are having a terrible time finding shirts in stock that meet our size and color preferences. Stay tuned!

School pictures will be taken on October 19th (both individual and class). More info to come!

  • If your child will be absent or late, be sure to text Minda AND their teacher ASAP.
  • Get those portfolios in! Can’t remember what to do or where the form is? That’s ok- find all you need to know here.
  • Please check in with your child’s Google Classroom at least once a week. Your teacher will be posting important information here.
  • Make sure your child has all their supplies/books at school each week. If they take it home, please be sure to return it on the next class day.
  • Wonder what goes on during Symposium each morning? Feel free to join us! We have Symposium each morning (outside for now) from 10:00-10:20ish

As a reminder, here are our current COVID/sickness policies:


  • Masks will not be required for any student, family member, or staff member. If your family feels more comfortable wearing masks, you are welcome to do so. 
    • If your child wears a mask to school, Cimarron staff will make every effort to remind students to keep them on. We recommend that those students bring a back up mask as well as a lanyard to keep them on their person. 

Sickness Symptoms:  

  • As with any illness, any students exhibiting any sickness symptoms in the past 24 hours will be asked to stay home. This includes fever, vomiting, repetitive diarrhea, new cough, etc.  (Update- some have asked about siblings of such students. We prefer any siblings stay home as well at this point.)

COVID Positive/Presumed Positive: 

  • All individuals who contract COVID (or are presumed to have COVID) should contact Minda Ciardi as soon as possible. 
  • Students and teachers with COVID/presumed COVID will be required to quarantine for 10 days before returning to school. 

COVID Close Contacts

  • Students and teachers with prolonged close contacts will be asked to quarantine for 10 days (7 days with a negative COVID test). COVID tests must be obtained after Day 5 of exposure.  This includes the student/teacher as well as any family member or other student deemed to be in close contact. 

We already love your children dearly and want to provide a loving and safe environment for each of them. 

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