Intermediate Math

school bench with textbooks in classroom

Intermediate Math at a Glance

  • Intermediate Math utilizes Math Mammoth math curriculum.
  • The main areas of study:
    • Review of the basic operations with whole numbers
    • Beginning algebra topics: expressions, equations, and inequalities
    • Review of all decimal arithmetic
    • Introduction to ratios and percent
    • Prime factorization, GCF, and LCM
    • A review of fraction arithmetic plus a focus on division of fractions
    • The concept of integers, coordinate grid, addition & subtraction of integers
    • Geometry: review of quadrilaterals & drawing problems; area of triangles & polygons; volume of rectangular prisms with fractional edge lengths; surface area
    • Statistics: concept of distribution, measures of center, measures of variation, summarizing distributions, boxplots, stem-and-leaf plots, histograms
  • Two days of instruction at Cimarron with highly qualified teachers
  • Three days of independent homework assignments during home days.
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