At Home Learning Plan

We at Cimarron affirm the significance of parents in the education of their children while also recognizing the advantages of classroom environment. With this in mind, our approach to this educational model seeks to blend the advantages of both home education with the benefits of a classroom experience. 

At-Home Learning Plan

Cimarron students spend two days each week covering a wide feast of subjects such as history, geography, art, composer/artist study, science, nature study, and more. The remaining portion of the students’ education is parent-led.

We will provide a guided list of suggested subjects for those parent-led days. However, we will not provide specific lesson plans. Cimarron does encourage (but not require) every family to purchase a family membership to CMI Alveary, the curriculum we follow during our two days at Cimarron. Cimarron staff members are available to guide each family as needed in a hope to coordinate a smooth transition for day-to-day learning experiences. We hope to provide a collaboration with the home educator and give guidance, structure, and support.

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