Curriculum Overview

Cimarron School of Living Education uses Charlotte Mason’s Alveary, a curriculum and teacher training program published by ​The Charlotte Mason Institute. CMI is a research-driven organization that has been dedicated to providing a wealth of resources for the 21st century Charlotte Mason educator. Alveary curricular content reflects current education and brain research in coordination with the preservation of Mason’s principles.

Subjects to be taught at Cimarron are carefully selected and considered. These subjects will be taught in short segments to allow for the training of attention and diligent work. Subject matter includes the following:

Bible | Poetry | Folk Song | Hymn | Recitation | History | *Dictation  

*Composition |  Copywork | Natural History | Music Appreciation

Art Appreciation | Literature | Art Instruction | General Science

*Shakespeare | *Plutarch | Handicrafts | Geography | Nature Walks & Journaling

* Only for Forms 2 and 3

Our preschool and kindergarten class will follow a play-based model and will include short lessons in language arts, math, nature study, and the reading of great literature. Our Kindergarten days will incorporate plenty of free play and exploration.

Note: Detailed schedules will be sent out by June 1st.

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