Re-enrollment For 2023-2024

Existing Families Only

Dear Cimarron Parents,

We have completed a wonderful Fall semester at Cimarron School of Living Education! Our students continue to delight us with their desire to learn and grow with their fellow classmates. 

The Cimarron staff and Board of Directors have been busy making plans for the future. While we plan to welcome new students for next year, your children are our foundation. In an effort to give our current students first priority in the 2023-2024 enrollment process, we ask families to complete the following steps:

  • Confirm intent to re-enroll by completing the “Intent to Re-enroll” online form.
  • Sign and submit re-enrollment documents via Docusign (sent within one week of “Intent to Re-enroll” form receipt).
  • Submit re-enrollment fees according to the calendar below. Fees will be invoiced through Quickbooks and may be paid online or by mail.

We are excited at the prospect of your child joining us for another great year of a feast of knowledge and ideas. This step allows us to make sure each student’s spot at Cimarron is reserved for the following school year, and assess how many new student seats we have available. 

2023-2024 Re-enrollment Calendar

(Tuition Rates remain the same as 2022-2023)

January 1-February 14Re-enrollment for existing students only Re-enrollment fee: $250 per student (during these dates only)
February 15-March 31New student enrollment opens Re-enrollment fee: $300 per student(during these dates only)
April 1 +Re-enrollment fee: $350 per student (during these dates only)
Early re-enrollment insures a space for your child as well as a discounted re-enrollment fee. Re-enrollment fees increase based on the calendar above.

Siblings of current students that desire to enroll in one of our classes are welcome to enroll during the time set aside for existing students only. These students will need to complete one of the new student applications available on the website. 

We look forward to continuing our partnership with your family!

Minda Ciardi