Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Next week is Spring Break! Enjoy your week!

Our sweet school is very lucky to have a group of fabulous moms leading our Community Committee. This group plans various social events and helps with many of our Cimarron events in order to foster the communal spirit among our families. The past few months they have coordinated a back to school party, several Mom’s Nights Out, the Fall Cimarron Review, park play dates, Valentine’s parties, and even a field trip to Parkhurst. Such fun times! A few events they are helping with this semester include a Grandparent’s Day, Spring Cimarron Review, Teacher Appreciation Day, and more!

The committee would like to set up a fund to use for all school-wide events such as those listed above. It is suggested that each family contribute $30 towards the fund. To contribute, please PayPal using the Cimarron PayPal email ( Be sure to select “Friends & Family” and type “Community Committee” in the memo line.

One of our families will be leaving in April for Houston for their daughter’s major open heart surgery. Hadelyn and Ruger attend Cimarron and April 7th will be their last day, so they won’t be able to attend any end of the year events. We’d love to show the whole family some love! Here are the details:

1.) We will be praying over the Nichols family during symposium on 4/7. Your whole family is invited!

2) We’d love to bless them in a tangible way. We will be preparing a basket that includes gift cards and notes, cards, pictures, words of encouragement, etc.
Please consider donating a gift card from your family. Drop off gift cards and notes/pictures to Minda by 3/31.

Gift card ideas: The family uses a lot of Uber Eats and Amazon during hospital stays.

Notes/pictures: Please consider having your child make specific ones for Hadelyn and Ruger since it’s their last day and it’s especially helpful for siblings of a child with medical needs to have lots of encouragement. Other ideas might be a picture for Sunley or parents could write a card or note for Elizabeth and Derek.

3) Please feel free to include anything for the basket that you find encouraging or helpful.

4) For Houston updates and to read more about their story go to
They are also doing a t-shirt drive and you can find the details there. ☀️

This family is so precious. Sunley’s personality and smile lights up a room and lives life with such “sunshine” despite her medical needs. Elizabeth and Derek’s faith through suffering and trials is incredible. And the love and resilience Hadelyn, Ruger and Davis show is a testament to their love of their sister and a unique understanding of trials at a young age.

Let’s show the family some love!

Please text Morgan with any questions 405-834-3800

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