Admissions Application

2023-2024 School Year

Enrollment opens February 15, 2023

Please complete one application per student.

Please complete the application below and push submit at the bottom. All questions are required. Upon completion of the application, please submit the application fee via PayPal ($50 per student).


Please note the name of your student(s) in the memo line of PayPal.

Student's Gender

Student's grade for the 2023/2024 school year:

How is your child currently schooling?

Has your child ever been evaluated with a formal educational or psychological battery of testing? If yes, please provide copies of all test reports/results with this application.

Does your child have an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)? If yes, please provide copies of all IEP documentation with this application.

Do you suspect or have you identified that your child may have a learning disability? If yes, please explain.

Do you suspect or have you identified that your child may have an intellectual disability? If yes, please explain.

Has your child been immunized?

Cimarron Statement of Faith: I understand that this Statement of Faith articulates the beliefs of Cimarron and will inform the guiding principles in the teaching of my child. I agree to support and respect these beliefs. *The focus of Cimarron School of Living Education is to provide students with an outstanding liberal arts education in a Christian environment, surrounded by Christian teachers and staff, without preference for one denominational set of beliefs over another.Our staff are Christians and the Christian faith is at the core of our community life, identity, and perspective. However, members of our staff come from different streams of Christianity. We welcome children and families from all backgrounds, whether from different Christian denominational affiliations, other faith confessions, or non-faith, secular backgrounds. We ask that during the enrollment process all parents familiarize themselves with our faith perspective and the role that it plays in student life. Cimarron students attend a short assembly which includes hymn singing and study of the Bible as part of the curriculum at every grade level. In their instruction and conversation, all staff members will demonstrate respect toward individual family’s beliefs and practices.

Cimarron Model of Education Policy: Cimarron is not a full time school. Parents must commit to a partnership with Cimarron, where parents are expected to home educate during the week when students are not at Cimarron. Parents will not be given daily lesson plans for home learning, but will be provided overall support and guidance.

Cimarron Admissions Policy: Acceptance of any child at Cimarron School of Living Education is a decision of the Cimarron admissions committee. Acceptance is based on the compatibility of the school, the parents, and the child. Our admissions committee carefully and prayerfully evaluates how effectively we can meet the needs of each student. Cimarron School of Living Education’s admissions and employment policies are without regard to race, sex, age, disability, or any other legally protected classification.

Class Size: We have a minimum of five students and a maximum of ten-twelve students
in a class. If we are unable to fill a class enough to run, registration fees will be refunded.

Thank you for your application.