Monday, September 6, 2021

Wow! We have made it to Week 4! It has been a delight watching our students already grow and blossom in their desire to know and learn. The teachers and I appreciate your patience as we continue this new journey at Cimarron School of Living Education. See below for some important announcements:

A lovely parent suggested a snack sign-up for each class. I love it! Feel free to sign up to bring a snack for your child’s class this semester. No family is required to provide a snack. If there is no one signed up on a given day, Cimarron will provide a snack that day.

  • If your child will be absent or late, be sure to text Minda AND their teacher ASAP.
  • Get those portfolios in! Can’t remember what to do or where the form is? That’s ok- find all you need to know here.
  • Please check in with your child’s Google Classroom at least once a week. Your teacher will be posting important information here.
  • Make sure your child has all their supplies/books at school each week. If they take it home, please be sure to return it on the next class day.
  • Wonder what goes on during Symposium each morning? Feel free to join us! We have Symposium each morning (outside for now) from 10:00-10:20ish.
  • If your child has daily medication to take during the school day, please give the medicine to Minda at morning drop-off.
  • Lost and Found: Minda has a “Lost and Found” basket in her office. Right now, it currently has 1 lunchbox and 2 nerf guns. Let Minda know if you’re missing anything.

As a reminder, here are our current COVID/sickness policies:


  • Masks will not be required for any student, family member, or staff member. If your family feels more comfortable wearing masks, you are welcome to do so. 
    • If your child wears a mask to school, Cimarron staff will make every effort to remind students to keep them on. We recommend that those students bring a back up mask as well as a lanyard to keep them on their person. 

Sickness Symptoms:  

  • As with any illness, any students exhibiting any sickness symptoms in the past 24 hours will be asked to stay home. This includes fever, vomiting, repetitive diarrhea, new cough, etc.  (Update- some have asked about siblings of such students. We prefer any siblings stay home as well at this point.)

COVID Positive/Presumed Positive: 

  • All individuals who contract COVID (or are presumed to have COVID) should contact Minda Ciardi as soon as possible. 
  • Students and teachers with COVID/presumed COVID will be required to quarantine for 10 days before returning to school. 

COVID Close Contacts

  • Students and teachers with prolonged close contacts will be asked to quarantine for 10 days (7 days with a negative COVID test). COVID tests must be obtained after Day 5 of exposure.  This includes the student/teacher as well as any family member or other student deemed to be in close contact. 

We already love your children dearly and want to provide a loving and safe environment for each of them. 

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