Monday: January 24, 2022

I don’t know who is more excited about starting back to school tomorrow– students, teachers, or parents! I know that we have missed each other, the routine, and community of books, ideas, and fellowship. See you tomorrow morning at 10:00 am!

It will be cold tomorrow! We will lunch inside, but will head outside to play so be sure to bring your coats!

As Mrs. Reece stated, we will “pick up our broken sword and get back in the fight.” We will have school for all who are healthy and ready to come back. As a school, we will maintain our COVID policy as stated  on August 16th:

Sickness Symptoms:  

  • As with any illness, any students exhibiting any sickness symptoms in the past 24 hours will be asked to stay home. This includes fever, vomiting, repetitive diarrhea, new cough, etc.  

COVID Positive/Presumed Positive: 

  • All individuals who contract COVID (or are presumed to have COVID) should contact Minda Ciardi as soon as possible. 
  • Students and teachers with COVID/presumed COVID will be required to quarantine for 10 days before returning to school. 

COVID Close Contacts

  • Students and teachers with prolonged close contacts will be asked to quarantine for 10 days (7 days with a negative COVID test). COVID tests must be obtained after Day 5 of exposure.  This includes the student/teacher as well as any family member or other student deemed to be in close contact. 

I’m still missing tuition and some silent auction payments from a few families. Please be sure to bring a check tomorrow to school.

We have a great list of RSVP’s for our Info Night and Viewing Day this week. Enrollment opens for new families on February 15th as well as an increase in the re-enrollment fee amount. We love all our students and want them to return!

 In an effort to give our current students first priority in the 2022-2023 enrollment process, we ask families to complete a simple, online Re-Enrollment form and submission of the re-enrollment fee, letting us know they’ll be joining us for another great year of a feast of knowledge and ideas. This step allows us to make sure each student’s spot at Cimarron is reserved for the following school year, and assess how many new student seats we have available. Once you submit the Re-Enrollment form and fee, we will send you the necessary paperwork to complete the enrollment process, including a Tuition Payment Plan and an Enrollment Agreement.

Note: Cimarron will be offering two new classes next year: 

Pre-K (ages 4-5 years old) 

9th-10th grade 

2022-2023 Re-enrollment Calendar

(Tuition Rates remain the same as 2021-2022)

January 1-February 14Re-enrollment for existing students onlyRe-enrollment fee: $250 per student(during these dates only)
February 15-March 31New student enrollment opens Re-enrollment fee: $300 per student(during these dates only)
April 1 +Re-enrollment fee: $350 per student(during these dates only)

Siblings of current students that desire to enroll in one of our new classes listed above are welcome to enroll during the time set aside for existing students only. These students will need to complete one of the new student applications available on the website. 

We look forward to continuing our partnership with your family!

You may have noticed there are some new events listed on the Enrolled Families Facebook page!

Each month during the spring semester, Cimarron will arrange a special time just for the parents! These optional, relaxed evenings of conversation will encourage, equip, inspire and motivate Cimarron parents in their home learning days. We invite parents to participate in a way that is helpful for you– either by hosting at your home, bringing snacks, or just coming and soaking up the good conversation!

February Meeting Details:

February 7th, 7-8:30 pm
This month will be hosted by Mrs. Ciardi in her home.

RSVP and find the address on the Enrolled Families Facebook page. More details to come.

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