Last Week of School!!!

It is surreal to think about– We have made it to our last week of our first year of Cimarron! Our sweet school has been such a tremendous blessing in our lives and we are so thankful for each child and family that has taken this first step with us. Thank you!!

Each family should have received a Google folder link containing your child’s exam results. Please contact Minda if you did not receive it or if you need help accessing the folder.

We have a fun week planned! See below for a few notes about our last week of school and what to expect over the next few months.

Mozart Field Trip

Our students have been studying Mozart during Term 3 and have the incredible opportunity to see the pieces they’ve been studying performed LIVE! Parents are welcome to join if you’d like (although not required). The concert will take place at Talley Time Cultural Arts studio (815 Buckingham Way, Edmond) during two sessions (so we can fit all the students in the space).

Group 1: Leave school at 11:00 am/Concert starts about 11:15 am

  • Kindergarten (Smith)
  • 1st Grade (Fairleigh)
  • 6th-8th Grade (Reece)

Group 2: Leave school at 1:00 pm/Concert starts about 1:15 pm

  • 2nd-3rd Grade (Gaede)
  • 4th-5th Grade (Geesaman)

Special Art Class

Mrs. Reece’s mom is in town and is going to do a special art class for each class this week! The older classes will participate on Tuesday and the younger classes will participate on Thursday.

Pancake Lunch

You may have heard the phrase tossed around Cimarron this year, “our first pancake”. This phrase came from our beloved Mrs. Reece. When you make pancakes, the first one always has a few kinks to work out but you strive to get better with the future pancakes! Our first school year is no different. We certainly didn’t do everything perfectly, but I am so, so proud of how our first year has gone…and THRILLED to see how we improve!

To celebrate our first year, we’ll have a pancake celebration lunch on our last day of school. So no need to send a lunch! (If your child has food allergies, we will have a batch of gluten free pancakes…your child is also welcome to bring a special lunch just for them.)

Special Art Class

Ditto from Tuesday! The older classes will participate on Tuesday and the younger classes will participate on Thursday.

Your family should have already seen the 2022-2023 booklist and calendar. If not, please reach out to Minda. Summertime will be a time of rest and renewal for all our Cimarron family. However, the staff will take time to do some training (especially our new teachers) and complete tasks to get us ready for the next year. In the next couple of months, you will receive:

  • Home Learning Suggestions document
  • Supply List
  • “Before the First Day of School” document
  • New teacher introductions

I will be adding our new families to the Enrolled Families Facebook page . Please help make them feel welcome! I’m sure our students will miss each other this summer (I’ve already heard groans about not being at Cimarron over the summer, ha!) so feel free to post any play dates, etc on that Facebook page.

Cimarron is OFFICIALLY a non-profit organization! We received our IRS determination letter yesterday! This will help our school grow and thrive even more. All donations will now be tax deductible.

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